How to transform your old clothes into trendy ones for your little one

Parents just love to style their little ones because it is easy with all the dresses, accessories and footwear available in the market. Style ideas for babies seem endless. However, you should always keep in mind that babies grow quickly and before you know it, their clothes are already tight.

Knowing this, it is not practical to buy many pieces at once – no matter how cute they look. The practical thing to do is to simply transform your old clothes into a trendy baby girl clothes.  Aside from saving money, there is pride in dressing your little girl with pieces that you have put together. The good news is that you do not need to be a tailor to transform your old clothes into trendy baby clothes.

With ingenuity and little sewing skills, you can transform your clothes to trendy baby clothes. Here are some ideas you can start with:

Baby leggings

For your baby girl, leggings should be a part of her wardrobe. You can make many pieces by printing any pattern on knit fabric. As your guide and reference for cutting, you can use an existing pair. After you sew the inner legs together, you need to add an elastic to the waistband and voila – you have baby leggings!


Whether you pair the skirt with leggings or t-shirts, it will be a sure hit. To make a skirt, pick old clothes from the wardrobe like oversized men’s shirts. You can also use an existing skirt to cut and sew it. If you want the skirt to look classy, you can choose to add lace at its end. The skirt can be worn several seasons because of the elastic on the waist, which provides durability and easy wearing.


With headwrap, any summer outfit will look cute on your baby girl. In this DIY project, you need cotton fabric (with 46 inches x 7 inches measurement), pins, shears, sewing machine, and iron. After cutting the cotton fabric according to the measurement, you have to pin the whole length of the headwrap then sew it.

Boho Romper

If you have vintage-inspired clothes, you can make it into a boho baby romper. Rompers are perfect on a sunny day. If you make the romper, you should ensure that the crotch features snaps for convenient diaper access.

After securing the cloth, you can check online for patterns. You can print the pattern pieces on A4 paper then trim the edges and tape it together. As soon as you have cut the pattern from the fabric, you can start sewing the pieces.

Summertime dresses

You may love the summer but babies do not because of the heat. With this, you need to provide comfortable and airy clothes so they can enjoy the season as well. This is the time that you make summer dresses. If you have a stack of fabric you do not use, you can transform it into baby summer dresses.

If you check online, you will find ready patterns. After following the pattern and cutting the edges, you simply sew it and start making beautiful summer dresses. Do not forget the elastic straps, as it will secure the dress in its place.

Final words

If you can sew these adorable DIY transformations at home, you end up saving more and making your baby stand out. The key here is ingenuity. Once you are done, you should do your best to share your knowledge with other parents.

Dantee Nick

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